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Aloha! E komo mai.

We are truly delighted to have you here. Our mission is to provide a unique perspective of Hawaii that invites travelers to learn about community sustainability through agriculture.

Join us to explore the rich cultures of Hawaii and the food they love.

"Stepping out of the water of Kaimana Beach, I feel the rays of the setting sun kiss my cheeks and I hear the roar of the waves breaking upon the shore.  The beaches are our sanctuary and are literally in our backyards.  I think about how lucky I am to live in Hawai’i.  My thoughts are interrupted by a low rumbling sound – my stomach.  I decide to pack up and head over to a post-beach favorite - Diamond Head Market and Grill.

As I drive along Monsarrat Avenue and arrive at the Diamond Head Market and Grill, I notice a long line of people streaming from its outside window.  I park in their parking lot and head inside.  They have an inside market, a deli and a bakery that sells gourmet food and pupus.  And the outside window comes with an outside eating area.  I love coming here..." read more


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Taste Hawaii explores Hawaii from farm-to-table for conscientious travelers.

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The true origin of the name Hawaii is uncertain. Some say the islands were named for the chief navigator on the first voyage whose name was Hawaii Loa. While others say it means "the heavenly homeland to the north."

Hawaii's first settlers were Polynesian. They discovered the islands 1,500 years ago. They traveled over 2,000 miles from the Marquesas Islands in huge double-hulled 60 to 80 feet long canoes. These explorers navigated the ocean using the sun, moon, stars and birds.

Their canoes were capable of holding a family of 30, food, domestic animals and plants. Hawaiians sailed back and forth to bring more family, pets, livestock and plants to their new home. Approximately 250 Polynesians initially landed at the southern tip of Hawaii's Big Island. They named the group of islands Hawaii.

Hawaiian Phrases


Pomaika`i Male 'ana Aloha Au Ia 'Oe
Hau`oli la Hanau Mai poina! Ku`u ipo
'Ae 'A 'Ole 'Ono


Can you translate these words?

Visit Hawaii for a personal journey to paradise.

Mahalo nui loa.

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